Hand-tied Extensions

-Sewn in wefts onto an adjustable beaded foundation

-Suitable for most hair types

-maintenance every 8-12 weeks

-hair can last 8-12 months

Tape-in Extensions

-small weft extensions secured by adhesive bonds with natural hair in between

-suitable for most hair types

-6 to 8 week maintenance

-hair lasts 6-8 months

Home care

Brush thoroughly multiple times a day. Always keep a firm grip on extensions so as to not pull unnecessarily. Brush wefts individually. Liberally apply ILES Formula Serum morning and night. Wear your hair in a high ponytail at the lake/beach. Saturate your hair with ILES Formula Conditioner or Mask before going in a pool or body of water. NEVER sleep with wet hair! The better you take care of your hair the longer it will last. Never use conditioner or hair product at the root, this may cause your extensions to slip.

K-tip Extensions

-Single strands of hair attached wit heat by keratin bonds

-suitable for all hair types

-no maintenance requirements

-4 to 6 month hair longevity 

Micro bead Extensions

-Single strand extensions secured onto hair with small bead

-ideal for medium to thick hair

-maintenance 4-6 weeks

-hair longevity is 6-8 months



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